Join us for our

first annual fall production bull sale

October 5, 2019 | Caldwell, TX | 1:00 PM | Caldwell livestock commission


Our history

established in 1964

Mann Cattle Company is a partnership composed of Mark and Hadley Mann of Lubbock, Texas. The Mann family started raising Herefords in the early 1900’s in the Palo Duro Canyon of the Texas panhandle. This is where they discovered the durability of the breed and their ability to maintain muscle shape and look through the harshest of conditions.


our locations

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Today, they are located in two location: Lubbock and Clarendon. The Lubbock division is the heart of their registered Hereford operation; whereas, the Clarendon location is used mainly for Black and Red Baldy production.


Our second home - Lubbock


Rounding up our commercial cattle for spring Branding 2019


Father and son duo


our starting place - Clarendon


The makes of our bladie operation


our mission

Performance to build on


Mann Cattle Company is passionate about maintaining a sense of quality and integrity in their cattle. They look forward to seeing what the future holds and invite you to come by the ranch to pick out your next animal that has the performance that you can build on.


We Specialize In:

Hereford Bulls

Our sale bulls are out of the best herd sires that we can find in the industry. They are big, heavy muscled, deep-ribbed, easy-fleshing, and can travel over anyone’s range with ease.

Hereford Heifers

Our females are the cattleman’s type. They are super easy fleshing, deep-ribbed, with bone and muscle shape that we all desire for, combined with a bag and utter that you will be able to wean the good ones with.


Can you get the best of both worlds? We think so, with our baldy commercial cattle. They have the deepness of an angus with the performance and maternal ability of a Hereford.

Commercial Cattle

We also carry out the Mann Cattle Company tradition with our commercial cattle. Even though our operation is mainly registered, we believe our more commercial cattle should always be deep-bodied, big-boned, easy-fleshing that will mash down the scales when you get ready to wean.